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  1. What does our current culture treasure?

  2. What is something you value (treasure)?

  3. How does our treasure impact our lives?

  4. What is one practical step you need to take to treasure God’s word more?

Saturday Morning

  1. What is the greatest treasure in your life?

  2. How much do you treasure God’s word?

  3. What does the word INSPIRED mean in 2 Timothy 3:16? (Answer: GOD BREATHED)

  4. What lies do we believe above what God has said in His word?

  5. What is one area or your life where you can replace the lies of the culture with the truth of God’s word?

  6. How is God’s word profitable/helpful in your life?

Saturday Evening

  1. What are some things that are shaping our hearts?

  2. If you could change one thing that has been shaping your heart or the heart of your friends, what would it be?

  3. How does our heart impact our actions?

  4. What can change our hearts?

  5. What is one specific thing in your life that has shaped your heart that you need to replace with God’s word?

Sunday Morning

  1. What will God’s Word keep you from?

  2. What has God showed you this weekend that His word is keeping you for?

  3. What is your favorite Bible verse?

  4. What is one area of your life you are tempted and you can put in God’s word to help you overcome that struggle?

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